Melodic Progressive House mix Vol 85 (Songbird)

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Hi friends, here I am again with a new mix, I finish this mix with some nice progressive trance tracks. Enjoy in great music and have a nice weekend.
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01.Lesh – Shimamoto (original mix) [Pineapple Digital] 00:00
02.Leonety Feat. Liana Grant – Renaissance (Nikolay Mikryukov remix) [Summer Melody] 07:18
03.Inon Bramy – Angels (original mix) [Soluna Music] 13:18
04.L_DG – Summerlust (Astrevea remix) [Summer Melody] 17:48
05.Mark & Lukas Vs. Musty – Everything In Our Dreams (extended mix) [Emergent Shores] 23:02
06.2bnsn – Imaginary Shores (Ruben Hadland remix) [Summer Melody] 29:18
07.Vantasy – When The Sky Clears Up (Lesh remix) [RockRiverRecords] 34:00
08.Mekao – Dirdal (Aeolu5 remix) [Summer Melody] 40:33
09.Gray-LAN – Horizon (Mark Kilaton remix) [Summer Melody] 46:34
10.Darisu – LIghthouse (original mix) [Free DLL] 56:03
11.Lewis Dodkins – Reaction (Audien remix) [Arisa Audio] 01:04:26
12.Audien & Decolita – Behind Our Thoughts (Espen Lorentzen remix) [Alter Ego Progressive] 01:11:46
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